3 uses of amethyst stone

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Amethyst stone has typical colors: both romantic and gentle. Perhaps that is why it is sought by many people.

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People use amethyst stone to make jewelry (crooked bracelets, necklaces, bracelets, …) or feng shui objects. People who have used amethyst love it. They say that their life is somewhat better when using this stone. Although love amethyst so much, but not everyone knows the profound meaning of it.

What is amethyst stone?

First of all to assert: amethyst stone is a variant of quartz stone. Quartz stone has many different variants, including: black quartz, blue quartz, white quartz, red quartz, amethyst, … Among them, amethyst possesses eye-catching, gentle colors. , somewhat noble.

Amethyst stone not only has one homogeneous color. Its spectrum of colors ranges from purplish white (light purple), light pink to deep purple. Based on personal preferences, as well as the age factor, customers choose quartz stones with the most suitable color.

Uses of amethyst stone

Amethyst stone not only looks good, it also brings many benefits to humans. Especially in terms of health. Let’s take a look at 3 main uses of amethyst stone.

– Help sleep: Since ancient times, people have known to rock quartz under the pillow. The purpose of this is to: improve sleep, limit delirium, prevent nightmares.

Amethyst stone is especially suitable for people who have insomnia, sleep deprivation, or nightmares, … Only after 1 month of use, you will clearly see the use of this stone. Amethyst stone helps you sleep well, deep sleep, awake when you wake up. This is a good basis for you to relieve psychology, stress and pressures in life. Thereby fun living every day.

– Stimulate memory area. From amethyst stone has an invisible stream of power. It stimulates the brain to work harder, especially in the “memory” area. Placing an amethyst stone on a desk (or desk) helps you remember better, work (study) more smoothly. Especially confident in examinations.

Starting from this point of view, many parents have purchased amethyst stone, then put it on their children’s desk. With the desire, the examinations passed, met a lot of luck.

– Limit drunkenness. Amethyst’s real name is: Amethyst. In Greek, “Amethyst” means not to get drunk. According to popular belief, adding a small amount of amethyst stone to wine works: reducing the spicyness of the wine, making it more delicious and easier to drink. No matter how much you drink, you won’t get drunk.

If you have motion sickness, take an amethyst stone with you (or wear jewelry from this stone). It works: reduce headache, dizziness, limit feelings of nausea. Helping the owner stay awake throughout the journey.

Above are 3 justice of amethyst. Not only stopping there, this stone also works: except ghosts, banishing bad air, welcoming luck and fortune, …

Jewelry (or feng shui mascot) made from amethyst stone has beautiful appearance, sophistication and elegance. What is worth mentioning is its deep meaning. What are you waiting for anymore without owning an item of amethyst stone. Surely you will love it. https://daphongthuy68.vn


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